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Rowena Mittal Yoga

Vinyasa | Power | Bhakti | Align | Restore


Rowena is a yoga student and teacher offering yoga education through private coaching sessions, on-site corporate wellness programs, private yoga celebrations, and public classes and workshops in San Francisco, CA.


She teaches bhakti flow yoga -- a blend of vinyasa, ashtanga, power, yin, restorative and bhakti yoga. This school of yoga is guided by an 8-limbed approach that includes meditation and philosophical principles outlined in historical yoga texts. Emphasis is placed on acknowledging the teachers in our lives. To Rowena, yoga is a way of life and a daily practice which rebalances the mind & body so we can continue doing our best work off the mat. 


Half Indian and with a PhD in biomedical engineering, Rowena's understanding and passion for health, wellness, and her cultural roots gives her unique tools for teaching yoga intelligently. Rowena shares yoga with all bodies, ages, and levels of experience in the students' language.

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For Business Managers: Link to Resume 



Mind-Body Connection in Yoga and Myofascial Release Therapy

at Lotusland SF (Valencia btwn 24th/25th)

Experience and learn about the mind-body connection through the lens of yoga and myofascial release (MFR) therapy from myself and Gregory Harty, Certified Massage Therapist (CMT). MFR is a type of manual therapy that employs long, sustained holds and releases constrictions in the fascia–a network of connective tissue that winds and wraps throughout the entire body. You'll gain the language and awareness of the mind-body connection to support future yoga asana and MFR workshops we plan to offer throughout the year focused on different parts of the body.

This workshop will involve lecture, discussion, journaling, yin/restorative yoga practice, and physical assists. Gregory will guide us through myofascial release concepts, anatomy, demo myofascial release, and we will practice myofascial release through partner work leveraging our mind-body awareness. I will guide you through yoga philosophy, svadhyaya (self-study), pranayama (breath control practice), and asana (physical pose practice) that allows us to tap into the connections between physical, subtle, and highest/innermost bodies. Walk away with the skills to access the mind-body connection to foster daily health and well-being.

For more information about MFR, Gregory Harty’s practice, and to book session(s), visit or Instagram/Facebook @gregoryhartycmt. Register for the workshop and get 10% off your first MFR session by forwarding your workshop registration confirmation to gregorym.harty at


Bring a yoga mat and a writing utensil, journal optional
*All levels are welcome, no experience necessary*

Private Coaching & Classes

Gift Yoga Lessons to Self & Others

Learn skills that last a lifetime of yoga practice on and off the mat.


Practice at a beautiful, clean private all-inclusive yoga studio at one of four locations in Noe Valley and the Mission in San Francisco, CA.


Celebrate you and yours. Great for personal growth, dates w a friend or loved one, gifts, vacations/staycations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bachelor/ettes, reunions, holidays.


Meet your yoga goals in the time that you have. Offered in 60 minutes or 30 mintues formats. Yoga refers to any or all of the following: physical pose practice (asana), breath control practice (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), or self-reflection and coaching on the yamas (social, ethical practices) and niyamas (self-disciplines). 

Corporate Mindful Wellness Program

Corporate wellness through the lens of yoga and science

Foster employee satisfaction, empathy, productivity, health, and decision-making.


Public Schedule

For information on what to expect from public classes, visit FAQ.


Lotusland Yoga SF - 24th/Valencia


Unheated. Mat rentals.

Complimentary herbal chai and cookies.

Noe Valley

Yoga Flow SF - 24th/Noe


Heated. Mat and towel rentals.

Onsite showers.



“I attended my regular yoga class back home in Pacifica and felt SO much better in my chaturanga! Thank you.”

Becky P.

“The playlist was on point!”

Mritthika B.

“The breathing cues throughout practice were so helpful because I'd realized I'd stopped breathing and it helped me regain the breath.”

Susan H.

“Thank you for an incredible class! Can't wait for the next one :) ”

Joy L.

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A teacher is always a student and students are always teachers.


Half desi (Indian) or ABCD (American-Born Confused Desi), I became a certified yoga instructor in 2014 with my teacher Rusty Wells for 200 hours at Urban Flow, a studio where I had been practicing in San Francisco, CA since 2011, to demystify the western practice and share my discovery of yoga with my community while respecting Indian roots and scientific minds. I’ve been teaching ever since.


My yoga practice began in 2008 after being diagnosed with chronic pain, inflammation, and shallow breath due to stress. Stress accumulated over years and exacerbated by graduate school demands, as well as also physical stress from years of dance and athletics. Skeptical, as scientists can be, and hopeful that I could leave prescription medication as a last resort, I gave yoga another chance per physician recommendation.



With regular yoga and physical therapy practices, I became a chronic pain survivor.  I truly discovered yoga thanks to the welcoming teachers at  Yoga Flow, Pittsburgh, PA who spoke my language. A practice that I formerly associated with painful and egotistical poses became pain-free and philosophy-based. Within a few weeks, I noticed nodes between my physical therapy sessions and my yoga classes from the term "fascia," to diaphragmatic breathing exercises, to modifications of physical postures for each body's unique range of motion. Both my yoga teachers and physical therapist noted that not all yoga poses or practices are for all bodies. After months of practice, I noticed my mind shift towards equanimity. I started processing challenges on and off the mat with ease, calm, breath and grace.



To me, yoga is a joyful, life-long study -- one of non-judgement & non-harming guided by anatomy, physiology, science, and philosophy in both a historical & modern context. An MIT-trained scientist & engineer, I've built products which sense and track single cells, genetics, and blood chemistry to diagnose disease. In the laboratory, I have differentiated stem cells to form muscle or bone for regenerative medicine. This understanding of human physiology, first-hand experience with physical therapy, and passion for health & wellness gives me unique tools for teaching yoga. I obtained a BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT and an MS/PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. My yoga teacher training (RYT 410 hours) includes chair (seated) yoga, basic prenatal yoga, injury prevention, and the art of physical assisting. 


My goal in offering meaningful, purposeful classes and coaching sessions is to give all yogis – from first-timers to the well-seasoned – the yogic tools to find and maintain balance and equanimity to live their potential on & off the mat. 


Rowena (RYT 410 hours) is strongly influenced and deeply inspired by teachers Rusty Wells, Jason Crandell, Neil Wadhawan, Wah!, Nichol Chase, Susannah Freedman, Catherine Middlebrooks, Dominque Ponko, and Susanna Barkataki.

San Francisco, CA 94110


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