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Corporate Mindful Wellness Program

Build strong teams with Rowena Mittal Yoga

An engineer & scientist by training at MIT and Carnegie Mellon University, Rowena has focused her scientific career at startups, corporations, and research labs on improving human health. She has built technology to diagnose disease by sensing cells, genes, and blood chemistry. Rowena's even differentiated stem cells to form muscle or bone for regenerative medicine. With her deep and practical understanding of human physiology, her half-Indian background, and her passion for health and wellness, Rowena is poised to teach yoga intelligently and effectively. With experience developing products at startups and corporations with cross-functional teams, Rowena teaches mindful wellness in a tangible language. She brings empathy and mutual understanding. With over a decade of practice and thousands of students a year, Rowena leverages her firsthand knowledge of  behavioral science to help teams stay motivated and meet their goals. 



























  • Mindful Meditation: 20-30 min. Breath, guided meditation and Q/A. Performed seated at desks, tables, yoga mats, blankets, or meditation cushions. No change of clothes necessary.

  • Quick Restore: 20-30 min. Ergonomic movement and breath. Modified for the office desk or table and chairs. No change of clothes necessary. 

  • Total Flow: 45-60 min. Breath and meditation in motion. Yoga in a cafeteria, meeting room, foyer, rooftop or studio. Total rebalance of body & mind. Ample time to get to and from work. 

  • Local Retreat: 120 min. Yoga, team building, empathy training, and leadership development through the lens of yoga & science at a full-service studio in North Beach, Mission, or Noe Valley in San Francisco, CA.

Available on-site weekly or monthly. No prior experience necessary!

Short Term Benefits

  • Release stress

  • Process challenging situations calmly

  • Enable faster decision-making 

  • Solve problems efficiently

  • Ease and prevent muscle/joint pain (wrists, back, neck, shoulders, etc.)

  • Increase energy levels

  • Promote better sleep

Long Term Benefits

  • Cultivate mental focus, concentration, and clarity

  • Increase empathy for customers and teammates

  • Improve communication

  • Enhance intuition, creativity, and productivity

  • Increase immunity and prevent illness

  • Foster physical fitness and health

  • Enliven leadership and camaraderie

  • Boost employee satisfaction and corporate health

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